Transmission + Distribution

Whether the terrain is rural Africa or a Middle Eastern desert, Symbion has successfully built transmission and distribution systems ranging from 11kV to 400kV.

We have undertaken construction of transmission or distribution lines in the remotest of regions across Africa as well as in hostile territories in the Middle East – among the most difficult and dangerous work we have completed.

Symbion understands the unique challenges of these often difficult and sometimes dangerous work environments. Our skilled teams and partners work with local leaders to ensure that the local people understand the merits of our projects and benefit from our efforts.


The MCC National Distribution Project

Symbion constructed 26 air insulated substations and over 2,000 kms of distribution lines for the US government in the regions throughout the country.


Iraq is where our story starts.

In 2005 Symbion Power, with partners from Turkey and Iraq was awarded 9 concurrent contracts by the US government.

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